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if someone ever falls in love with me i will literally die of shock

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Anonymous: Im so sad... I feel like i failed in life... Everybody has a boyfriend amd everybody is pretty or has a special thing about them and i just dont.. I really feel sad idk what to do i feel like a failure.

flower you really shouldn’t ever compare or rely your existence on somebody else, okay? don’t box yourself into just “pretty” you can be omniscient and beautiful, you can be anything and everything, you can shine so brightly that every star in the universe is dark, and the light will never leave the room when nights are spent with you, but never compare your worth, there’s galaxies inside of you and nobody’s ever allowed to take that away from you, you shine and take people’s breath away by your own means and that’s all that should phase you, and life is hard, really hard, but the only thing that’s going to make you feel like a failure is when you spend so long worrying about failing or living up to somebody’s expectations that aren’t yours that you never take the time to do something beautiful to begin with, you can go out tomorrow and just help another persons day feel lighter, that could be all you need in the world to feel content, you could kiss a random boy, or girl, or both, and go on a road trip and not have a care in the world, you can go paint a wall, or learn an instrument, you can save and pack up your bags, leave and have a new beginning, you can be happy, you’re allowed to be happy, you deserve to be happy, and all that’s in between is just the nature of existing, you hurt, you cry, you smile, you laugh, people leave or stay, love and passion fades and blossoms, so do you, life goes on, not allowing yourself to go on with it just complicates the process

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" I’m getting bad again but I’m too tired to care. "

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Blue is the warmest color (2013)

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" I am afraid of getting older. I am afraid of getting married. Spare me from cooking three meals a day—spare me from the relentless cage of routine and rote. I want to be free… I want, I want to think, to be omniscient. "

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"Spilled my heart here" I saw this on my walk today and it broke my heart..

I had my first real kiss on a bench that looked exactly like this with a boy I really liked and this post means more to me than it should

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ATTENTION: I need attention

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sorry i only like people that i never have a chance with

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" Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that. "

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" There is no hope, not for me "

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