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Anonymous: hayden im still waiting for you to post a video of you talking so i can finally hear your voice. i think i've waited long enough come on now:(

i’m shy and flustered

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a novel about a girl in high school who’s popular, likable and fashionably inclined with a fair amount of consensual sexual partners who is bullied by the quirky new girl who thinks she’s so much more special because she doesn’t wear makeup and isn’t “slutty” and every girl is a carbon copy except for her

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Anonymous: Please don't fuck brownies




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Anonymous: Hey, so I spent my night at a party and i drunk called my ex and told him that I want to be friends, and he knew I was drunk. I only remember kissing 3 boys and I don't remember their names but people are tellin me I was gettin off with like 7 people, i drank 2 bottles of vodka plus tequila shots and after the tequila it's all completely blank and someone told me I went off away from the party with a group of boys and I'm worried something happened? I don't know what to do.

honestly this is completely down to you, there’s no guarantee that you did anything but if something did happen without your consent it’s completely encouraged to report it, especially considering how much you drank and what you described, you were so far beyond the point of being able to legally consent, but other than that it’s your choice of finding out and just forgetting about it, there’s always a chance that nothing happened

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i try to relate to the 1975’s songs but that’s kinda hard to do when ur an inexperienced 17 year old virgin who’s never done drugs

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Anonymous: what does the name of your blog mean when translated???

l’appel du vide, call of the void, french, the overwhelming urge of throwing yourself into the void, it could be confessing something, doing something, or more commonly a situation where you could be at extreme risk, for example, jumping from extreme heights (the void) or the urge to jerk the steering wheel when you’re driving, these aren’t necessarily things that you’d actually act on, just incredibly vivid “what if’s” 

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" Have enough courage to trust love one more time. And always one more time. "

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my interests range from cute puppies to hard core sex

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welcome to my tumblr

Hipster photography blog

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sensible heart

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