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Anonymous: I kinda need a friend who's in-tune with his emotions. That sounded self-serving but I also need a friend whom I would wake up for at 4 in the morning because he wants to talk about the universe and idk I'm not good with words and my tone sounds fucked up and I seem to fuck everything up but I honestly have good intentions and I just have so much emotional baggage I just can't put into words and your way with words is amazing and I want to be friends with you so bad it's so frustrating ugh

you can be friends with me so we can talk about cool things like the universe and art (same thing) and dogs but you have to accept/deal with the fact that i deal with a lot so i’m annoying and overemotional and i can ramble for hours when i’m comfortable and i get overly passionate about a thing and it’s frustrating for everybody involved

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Anonymous: Well I think it's amazing and you should never stop because you are great and I love getting this look inside your soul.

i don’t plan on stopping, flower 😊

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i want a relationship so i can take a picture of their hand on my thigh and upload it on tumblr

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" You can drink too much
and forget the night before
but I’ve learned you
can never drink enough
to forget the people
you’ve loved and lost. "

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some days you can’t tell whether its six in the morning or six at night. some days you don’t give a shit. some days the light doesn’t leave the room. 

f uck this is beautiful

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" If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die. "

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i want that :((

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if u watch closely while i take tests u can see me mouthing profanity at the test paper

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